Horizon English School is a private school run by INSAF Charitable Trust (A non – profit charitable organization) located in Kolappa, Irikkur, Kannur District, Kerala, India. The School is affiliated to CBSE, Delhi (931229) Horizon English School promotes moral and academic excellence in a caring and lovely environment, providing opportunity for realization of the potential of children to the full. The school offers a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum while maintaing a strong ethos that integrates value education. The learning experiences provided by the school are carried out in an atmosphere of love and respect for everyone in the society. It also fosters a learning environment which reinforces the concepts of self discipline, human values, and the acceptance of personal responsibility in its convivial atmosphere, important lifelong attitudes towards school, learning and life are established.


The campus spread over 5 acres of Land accommodates Playground, recreation areas, a mosque, Library, Science laborites, Montessori Lab and Computer lab. The school is located in Kolappa. The Nearest town is Iriikur (4Km). The Railway stations closed to the campus are Kannur (26 Km), Thalassary (32 Km). The Airport close to the campus is Kannur International Airport (10 Km).


1. School day stats at 09.45 am & Finishes at 03.45 pm on all normal working days.
2. The full school uniform must be worn by the students on all schooldays.
3. Perfect silence must be observed during and after the assembly.
4. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.
5. No students should be seen loitering around during the class hours.
6. Gold jewellery, Mobile phones & amp; other expensive articles must not be brought to the School.
7. No students are allowed to go out of the school campus during the working hours without the special permission of the Principal.
8. Students are solely responsible for their belonging, books, writing materials, Tiffin boxes, umbrellas etc.
9. Any kind of damage done to library books, laboratory equipment, furniture and fittings and other properties of the school must be made good.
10. Attendance at the assembly, sports & games period is compulsory.
11. All the students must be present for all the functions of the school.
12. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence, disobedience and disrespect to authority, any kind of cheating and other reprehensible behavior will entail disciplinary action.
13. Students are expected to keep the classrooms and the school premises clean and tidy. Hence, they should not disfigure the walls
or throw scraps here and there.
14. Late comers of the class should secure special permission from the principal to enter the class room.
15. Parents / Guardians or their servants are not allowed to go to the class room, or wait nearby, during working hours. In case of an
emergency, principal’s permission must be obtained.
16. Parents / guardians should ensure that leave letters for their words are sent in time.
17. Parents / Guardians should see that their wards do not absent themselves from any test, exam, reopening and closing day.

18. Parents / guardians should go through the home assignment columns every day and make sure that home works are done promptly.
19. Great importance is given to the maintenance of discipline at school and utmost attention of the parents in this matter is inevitable.


1. Parents who wish to avail the school transportation facility must submit the duly filled application form at the school office. Admission to the school bus is subject to the recommendation of the School Transport Supervisor.
2. Good conduct and discipline are compulsory in the school bus. Any kind of indiscipline may lead into the withdrawal of the transportation.
3. Timing should be maintained perfectly. Buses will not wait for any student more than a minute.
4. Transportation will be withdrawn for the students who fail to remit the school fee / transportation fee on time.
5. Parent should inform the school office and get consent in advance in case of partial usage of school transportation facility. In such cases, parent should also inform the driver in advance, about the trip(s) / day(s) on which the student is absent from the school bus. Meanwhile, full amount of fee must be paid, even if the student is given special permission to avail school transportation partially in a
6. Parents should update the school office if there is any change in their location, address, and phone numbers from time to time. Root / Shift changes will not be allowed if prior permission is not taken from the school office.


Present Trust Members




V. K. Hamza Abbas


Kannur Dt.

Dr. Musthaque Ahmad

Vice Chairman

P. O. Irikkur

K. P. Ibraheem

General Secretary

Ras Mahal,
P. O. Thana